2018 season in the Multimedia Fountain Park

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2018 season in the Multimedia Fountain Park.

The Warsaw picnic will begin with the inauguration of the new show at the Multimedia Fountain Park. "Prince Niedźwiedź" - this is the title of the legend, which will be displayed on the water screen this season. A beautiful and touching story about love will be intertwined with a spectacular fountain dance to the rhythm of music and surrounded by colorful lasers.

The inauguration of the eighth season of screenings in the Multimedia Fountain Park will take place at 1, 2 and 3 at 21: 00.

This is the eighth time, when viewers in the Multimedia Fountain Park will be able to see a new water story. The inspiration of the multimedia show for several years are Warsaw's stories, legends and stories. In recent years, the heroes of the shows were a basilisk and mermaids. This year's performance
under the title "Prince Bear" is an adaptation of a Warsaw legend about the Duke of Masovia, who, driven by love for a beautiful townspeople, overcomes his shyness to confess her feelings. Unfortunately, the girl's heart is not meant for him and the whole story ends ...
But we will not betray this, because it's best to see the legend with your own eyes and feel the energy that, together with the amazing combination of water and lasers, will complement the dramaturgy of the displayed story.

1 May are also invited to the city game, which will start at the Zygmunt column and bear the trail of bears at the premiere show in Podzamcze.
There will also be an accent related to 100. anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. On this occasion, a film was prepared, which will appear on the water screen as part of the performance.


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