Rosarium in the Botanical Garden in Warsaw

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Rosarium in the Botanical Garden in Warsaw.

The most beautiful part of the ornamental plant section of the Botanical Garden is Różanka, also known as Rosarium, located on the right from the main entrance. 160 has garden varieties. The most numerous group are large-flowered roses.

An important group in the collection of roses are Polish varieties bred after World War II by Leopold Grąbczewski, Bolesław Wituszyński and Stanisław Żyła, for example 'Chopin', 'Merkury', 'Kutno', 'Warsaw'.

Róża Chopin

Róża Warsaw, 1953

You will also see here multiflorous roses, old varieties repeating the flowering, so-called renovators (for example the 'Frau Karl Druschki' from 1901 year), miniature roses and English roses, combining the features of old garden roses and modern varieties.

In the corners of the rose, at the supports, climbing varieties were planted, selected according to the difficult climatic conditions. Among them isRosa helenae'Semiplena', each year sprinkled with light cream, tiny flowers.

The place in the Rózanki collection was also a group of roses bred at the end of the twentieth century by David Austin, called English roses. They originated from crossbreeding old varieties with modern ones and large-flowered roses. Among them are varieties such as 'Winchester Cathedral' and 'Graham Thomas'.

Rose Nostalgie, 1995
Róża: Eden Rose, 1985
Rose Peace
Rose "blue" Tannacht, 1965

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source of text: Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw

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