The premiere of INIEMAMOCNY 2 in IMAX® and 4DX® ONLY in Cinema City cinemas

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The premiere of INIEMAMOCNY 2 in IMAX® and 4DX® ONLY in Cinema City cinemas.

In the second part of the adventures of the superhero family, the continuation of the iconic hit from 13 years ago, roles are slightly reversed ... Helen climbs up the career ladder while Bob turns into ... a master of the house, raising children, cooking and cleaning. This will result in a lot of hilarious situations, and Bob will certainly not be helped by supernatural abilities of the little Jack-Jack. Bob will find out what it's like to raise three extraordinary children, which certainly will give the audience a lot of laughter. Of course, it will not do without a villain ... We invite you to the cinemas from Friday 13 in July!

In Cinema City, the Incredible Adventures you will be able to see in the highest image quality IMAX® and thanks to the unique effects of 3D you will be able to feel like you are one of the incredibles. Watching an animated film in IMAX® can create a unique impression of being part of it! Yes Yes! Watching a movie in IMAX® you can feel literally one of the incredibles. Additionally for fans of the Incredible and IMAX® from the first screenings you can get a special poster from the movie.

Fans of even stronger impressions are invited to the room 4DX®. You will feel the wind blowing in front of the house of heroes, the rain will fall from the clouds, and who knows, maybe you will even smell the dishes made by Bob in the kitchen?

Disney and Pixar have created a continuation of the 2004 movie of the year. The film gathers great reviews, and the number of fans is growing day by day. The director and screenwriter Brad Bird has provided a fantastic sequel to the Incredibles, full of jokes, actions and emotions, and Michael Giacchino took great care of the thrilling music. It promises to be a great cinema hit, there is nothing to wait for!

The film will be available in all 35 Cinema City in 20 cities in the 2D and 3D versions, in the IMAX® version in the 3D format in the following theaters: Sadyba (Warsaw), 44 Point (Katowice), Galeria Plaza (Kraków), Poznań Plaza, Manufaktura (Łódź), Wroclavia (Wrocław), and in the 4DX® room also in 3D in cinemas: Arkadia (Warsaw), Bydgoszcz, Felicity (Lublin), Bonarka (Kraków), Wroclavia (Wrocław) and Manufaktura (Łódź).

It's not everything! The characters from the movie "The Incredibles 2" can be taken home with you! Until the end of September, or while stocks last, promotion is in progress "Give your hand superheroes", where you can collect special badges with images of the most popular animated characters! As many as 5 of them have the image of members of the Incredibles. All the pins from the collection can be seen at There are also details of the action.

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