Dancers at the 2018 Fountain

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Dancers at the 2018 Fountain.

The beginning of holidays in the Multimedia Fountain Park promises to be very dance-like. Stołeczna Estrada has been inviting Varsovians to dance for several years. There are several musical surprises waiting for you this year.

Mieczysław Fogg's songs and more


30 czerwca / 19.00-23.00 /
Patron and co-organizer of the National Festival of Retro Song them. Mieczysław Fogga, runs the Fogg Record music publishing house dealing with propagating and promoting the culture of the interwar period. Co-publisher of Cafe Fogg plates. As an animator and DJ, he presents Polish popular music from years of dancing and dancing, organizes concerts and recitals - all this to teach history and educate the young generation. Plate collector. Co-creator of the radio program "Wieczorek przy mikrofonie".

20: 30 ,, Quoting Fogg "Mateusz Krautwurst in Quintet
The concert is devoted to the music of Mieczysław Fogg, jazz harmony, beautiful melodies and Polish language with refined taste. There will be a lot of extraordinary humor on such tracks as "You have something for me" or "Four Legs", but also a timeless, "Out of date song", "Tango Milonga" and "Last Last Sunday". The most beautiful Polish ballads of the times of Mieczysław Fogg, i.e. "Seven Red Roses", "Blouse Suszowa" and "The Knock Off Lord" will sound acoustically and exceptionally, thanks to wonderful musicians who cooperate with Mateusz Krautwurst, and always present the highest craftsmanship and musical imagination .

7 lipca / 19.00-23.00 /
"People stop playing not because they grow old, but grow old because they stop playing." Marek Twain, author of this maxim, is given to four gentlemen from HAMAK BAND in the form of music. They create a new type of song and a lifestyle of anti-age music, which is a mix of every musical genre, directed towards having fun and respecting others.

20: 30 Zee Krays
He was born in Sheffield (northern England) in a Polish family. Singer, songwriter and musician, guitarist and producer. He also writes and records for other artists and for the film. It has a rare, characteristic voice with an 5 scale, octaves. He has recorded several hundred concerts throughout Europe, from small club scenes to large mass music events. Zee intertwines English reality with Polish dreams. He wants to give concerts in Poland more often than before. Smile and Scream are the latest Krayski's films promoting his work in his parents' country.

14 lipca / 19.00-23.00 /

20: 30 Czessband
A Warsaw band playing acoustic music inspired by urban folklore in the world. The band was created out of the love of musicians for acoustic instruments, including such interesting and rare in Poland as the hurdy-gurdy, resophonic guitar or Maccaferri guitar. Artists draw on all genres including beautiful melodies from the Balkans, stupor from Hungary, oriental, twisted topics from the Middle East, and life in Warsaw - a tradition of inspiring the music of the world and the richness of beautiful Warsaw hits.

21 lipca / 19.00-23.00 /
19: 00 DJ Tomek The End
Musician, journalist and music promoter. In 2007 he won the Golden Retro Leaf award for the album "Fogga Ragga" recorded with the Cinq G group with innovative covers of songs by Mieczysław Fogg. He conducted his own music program in Radiostacja, Polish Radio Bis and Czwórka. He is the founder of the Transmisja, Cinq G, Warsaw Ska Orchestra groups. He has been active as a DJ since 1998, playing in the most renowned Warsaw clubs and events throughout Poland.

20: 30 WoWaKinTrio
The artists specialize in folk music, combining folk sound with a modern arrangement. Their approach to music is characterized by freedom, improvisation and performance bravura. On the stage there is a musical dialogue, thereby seducing the audience with the naturalness and honesty of the message. Their concerts are a kind of invitation to a crazy spin to the rhythm of obereks, polkas, mazurkas and kujawiaks. In 2017r. WoWaKin Trio released their debut album, "Country out of town".

28 lipca / 19.00-23.00 /
19: 00 DJ Burn Reynoldz
He conducted "Fusion" programs on the Jazz Radio waves, now it can be heard every Sunday on Radio Roxy. Together with Soul Service he is the originator of the Polish Funk series (1-4), "Why Not Samba", "Off Season" and "Strange Weekend", which presents little-known songs from the archives of Polish phonography. The CDs were released by Polskie Nagrania and they collect positive reviews around the world

20: 30 Thunders
The band Tęgie Chłopy continues the traditions of dance music of the Kielce region in its authentic and unpublished form. The repertory and instrumentation refers to the best designs - traditional bands that used to play weddings and country parties in the vicinity of Łagów and Opatów. According to musicians, they want to play to dance so that the "ceiling will rise" - as it happened on the games played by the famous band of Witkowski brothers. In raising the ceiling, the presence of a strong brass section - the trumpet, the clarinet and the tube - helps considerably. Tęgie Chłopy have released two albums so far: Dansing and Wesele!

The program will have a break for the duration of the fountains show in hours. 21: 30 - 22: 00.

Free entrance

In five summer, Saturday evenings musicians will dance to us, who during live concerts will present the atmosphere of unforgettable Warsaw hits. There will also be opportunities to dance for lovers of anti-age music, folk, pop or rock'n'roll that everyone loves. The audience will also be warmed up by DJs, and professional dancers will learn the steps and encourage even the frequent visitors of the dance floor to play together.

The wooden platform and the stage have already stood in the heart of Podzamcze, where they are waiting for Saturday evening. We do not have to worry about attendance at the Multimedia Fountain Park. For many years it has been a source of relaxation and relief for the Varsovians and the guests of the capital, as well as the extraordinary experience provided by the weekly multimedia show, this year entitled "Prince Niedźwiedź". Spectators of the performance are also happy to enjoy the musical repertoire of Dancing Parties at the Fountain.

Multimedia Fountain Park
30 June - 28 July 2018
We invite you on Saturdays from 19: 00

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