Fangor's timeless paintings at the exhibition in Cosmopolitan Twarda 4

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Fangor's timeless paintings at the exhibition in Cosmopolitan Twarda 4.

Paintings - icons of one of the most recognizable Polish artists in the world, Wojciech Fangor, were presented in the 42 space of the Cosmopolitan apartment building. On Thursday evening there was a festive opening, where Marek Kondrat, Katarzyna Sokołowska, Radzimir Dębski, Hubert Urbański and Karolina Szostak appeared. The exhibition "FANGOR: Beyond the visual plane" was organized on the 60 anniversary of the founding of the landmark installation of the artist "Studium Przestrzeni". Images will be available from Saturday 26 May to 29 on July 2018 year.

The exhibition presents mainly paintings from the 60 years. and 70., or the most important period of Wojciech Fangor's work, in which multi-colored abstract compositions were created from circles, waves and amorphous shapes. The idea that inspired the organizers of the exhibition is to show the artist's works in the way in which he himself wanted to present them. The paintings establish a dialogue with the surrounding space, including the Cosmopolitan floor seen from the 42 windows.

- The idea of ​​Wojciech Fangor, which he fully expressed in the Study of Space, was to create an area of ​​mutually permeating canvas energy. Images presented without frames, perpendicular to each other, interacted with each other, but also with the viewer who, entering the work of art, became its integral part. Our exhibition refers to this ground-breaking step of the artist from before 60 years - says curator of the exhibition Katarzyna Wąs.

Wojciech Fangor is next to Magdalena Abakanowicz, Roman Opałka and Tadeusz Kantor, one of the most recognizable Polish artists in the world. He is recognized as the founder of the "Polish poster school", he was also the author of the first space installation in the world entitled "Studium Przestrzeni", prepared together with Stanisław Zamecznik. The famous 1965 exhibition of the year - Responsive Eye in New York's MoMA opened the way to his stunning career. Five years later, the artist - as the only Pole so far - had an individual exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. He presented on it 37 works which were an extension of his search within minimal art. In Poland, his works are currently extremely popular, and they are also very popular with collectors on global markets. Last year, the prices of its 4 works exceeded the 1 level of one million zlotys. The last most important work of the artist was the design of entrances and the identification of 7 stations for the second line of the Warsaw subway.

The extraordinary exhibition of Wojciech Fangor's paintings is another element of the consistently implemented strategy of Tacit Investment, which in 3 has transformed Cosmopolitan into the best place to live, vibrant with culture and art. Numerous concerts, meetings and exceptional exhibitions gathered a few thousand spectators in total. It was here that you could admire the exhibition of extremely rarely presented paintings Meli Muter, the work of Ryszard Horowitz, or Wisława Szymborska, or listen to the concerts of Radzimir Dębski (JIMKA), Anna Maria Jopek or Tomasz Stańko.

- Fangor's timeless art and world-class architecture are separate worlds, but they have a lot in common. One of such elements is engineering, which can be seen in the incredibly consistent work of Fangor. The second is a detail that is extremely important, both in the artist's work and in good, timeless architecture. It is impossible to create such images without analyzing every millimeter of interpenetrating colors. The play of colors on paintings and lights on the Cosmopolitan building is a combination of architecture and art at the highest level - says Karolina Kaim, president of Tacit Investment.

The exhibition is accompanied by the premiere of Wojciech Fangor's "Color and Space" prepared by the Skira publishing house. This is the first international publication about the artist. The official premiere and meeting with the author of the book, Magdalena Dąbrowski, took place in the Warsaw Unicum Descent 16 May.

- The book "Wojciech Fangor: Color and Space" aims to present his exceptional achievements to the English-speaking audience around the world. During his long and creative life, Fangor created innovative works using many means of expression: painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture and spatial structures, using the surroundings. His artistic solutions and experimentation have always presented originality, independence of thought, individuality and pioneer spirit. These elements were clearly visible in his exhibitions, regardless of the medium or creative period used, "says Magdalena Dąbrowski, a former curator of MoMA NY, currently an art consultant and author of the latest album about Wojciech Fangorze.

Paintings by Wojciech Fangor will be seen on the 42 Cosmopolitan floor from 26 May to 29 in July this year, every Saturday and Sunday.


26-27.05, godz. 14:00-19:00
02-03.06, godz. 14:00-19:00
09-10.06, godz. 14:00-19:00
16-17.06, godz. 14:00-19:00
23-24.06, godz. 14:00-19:00
30.06-01.07, godz. 14:00-19:00

Free admission.

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