OPEN ZĄBKOWSKA: 21-22 July 2018

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OPEN ZĄBKOWSKA: 21-22 July 2018.

Weekend under the sign of craftsmen. You will be able to learn the basics of joinery, learn the methods of working with metal in an antique forge, and in the evening - take advantage of the rich concert offer. On Sunday, pOnce again, the street will be taken by mongrels from all over Warsaw. In addition, we will talk about the role of bees and lurking hazards. In the evening, concerts - at Ząbkowska St. and at the Warsaw Praga Museum.


Saturday 21 July 2018

11: 00-18: 00 Open Antiquarian Store
ul. Ząbkowska at ul. fair

Street antiquarian bookstore, where walkers can buy valuable books and vinyl records, as well as receive advice in choosing the right book or album.

12: 00-13: 30 Hotels for wild pollinators - workshops
Rój Ząbkowska 3

Pollinating insects are not only honeybees, there is a whole bunch of species of wild pollinators. In the modern world they are not easy, and they are very important for the ecosystem.

Practical and technical classes in the construction of cottages for wild pollinators will be led by Bartosz "Bratko" Świętek. Workshops are directed to children, but we also invite carers.

14: 00-15: 30 Lecture on urban beekeeping
Rój Ząbkowska 3

Ul on the plot?
Bees on the roof of an office building?
Honey from Szmulek?
How do insects cope in the big city? Jerzy Powiat Kowalczyk, the beekeeper, will answer these and other questions.

14: 00-15: 30 DJ Workshops
Ząbkowska 11 street, in front of the Gramofonowe store

Workshops for the youngest DJs led by Green Jesus. You'll learn how to make tyke typs and boar's boars!

14: 00-15: 30 Ricki Lion - Drum workshops for children andparents

Ząbkowska Grolshownia, ul. Zabkowska 9 a

15: 00-16: 30 The sledge show - Paweł Mikucki
Rój Ząbkowska 3

What we now call the Beekeeping workshop The Swarm, for many years functioned, among others, as a forge - therefore, wanting to refer to tradition this year, we invited a one-of-a-kind blacksmith from a real event.

Paweł Mikucki is a blacksmith from Augustów who makes traditional beekeeping tools, but also many other, beautiful objects.
Paweł will not only show live what his work is, but also open a stall with his handicraft (we recommend it!)

The smith's hearth will burn at Ząbkowska on Saturday and Sunday.

16: 00-17: 30 Carpentry workshop
Rój Ząbkowska 3

Classes for all those who are interested in the basics of joinery and the basic principles of furniture renovation.

18: 00-19: 30 Same Suki - concert
The Prague Museum, ul. Targowa 50 / 52

This is a revolutionary women's folk band playing music from women inspired by folk music; the music of women who are not afraid to reach for sources, to sing with their voice about what is here and now. The band uses unconventional traditional acoustic instruments such as Biłgoraj bitch, Płock fiddle, Cajon, Bendir, Greek lira, Turkish rebab or cello. In combination with non-traditional vocal reaching, among others for the means of expression characteristic of the Same Suki theater, they tell everyday stories in a completely non-traditional way.

Team composition:
Magdalena Wieczorek - Duchewicz - vocal
Helena Matuszewska - Biłgoraj bitch, Turkish rebab
Justyna Meliszek - cello, vocal
Patrycja Napierała - hoop drums, cajon, and drum foot

9: 00-20: 30 African Band
Ząbkowska Grolshownia, ul. Zabkowska 9 a

20: 30-21: 30 Thieves of the Applause - concert
Ząbkowska Grolshownia, ul. Zabkowska 9 a

The Team Thieves of the Clergy has existed since the 1998 year. He comes from Warsaw's Ursynów. He acted as a trio for 2000. In the year of 2006, the band releases the first album entitled "Recital (Bez Kasków)" - "Wkoło Macieju Records".
At the same time, the band performs as a trio, but also as a sextet, and join the band; Karol "Gagarin" Gołowacz on the saxophone, Adam "Puzon" Klosinski on the trombone and Rafal Gańko on the trumpet.
During concerts of Thiefs of the Clans, large amounts of positive and human-friendly energy are released, being a cross between rock'n'roll feeling, original riffs and catchy melodies. Currently, the band performs both as a sextet, but also as a trio.
Thieves of the Claims have just recorded the second CD titled: "Heart Lives with Your Life", which is maintained in the spirit of an original, bottom-up, Machiavellian heart-rock aloha (without helmets). The song "Feel Like Yourself at Home" from this CD can be heard on the Polish Radio Four playlist, where 2016 is regularly broadcast since July.

team layout:

Maciek Majewski - leader, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist of the Thieves of the Claims, also playing in The Independent Experts and Icaryzma projects.

Karol Ludew - drums - He cooperated, among others with Kora, Maleńczuk, Ark Korekowe, Sokoł and teams: Junkie Train, Neuma, Moja Adrenalina, Semantik Punk, Thieves of the Claims, Tilt. He permanently plays with Tomek Lipiński and Hyc06.

Karol Golowacz - saxophonist, playing in many bands. From 2013 he plays in Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra. In 2015, the album Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra was released by the American label Ubiquity Records.

Mariusz Bek - bass guitar.

Sunday 22 July 2018

11: 00-18: 00 Open Antiquarian Store
ul. Ząbkowska at ul. fair

Street antiquarian bookstore, where walkers can buy valuable books and vinyl records, as well as receive advice in choosing the right book or album.

12: 00-14: 00 The Mongrels Parade
Ząbkowska street

The annual Parade of Cattlemen and Mongrels, competitions with prizes for dogs, collection of things needed in shelters.

The parade will start at 12.00 at the intersection of Targowa and Ząbkowska streets and it will reach Rozycki Market. Dog attractions and contests with prizes will be waiting on the spot.

All participating dogs are asked not to forget about the leashes and general behavior in accordance with Psiavoir-Vivre rules (the bags will be distributed on the spot).

We collect karma, dog toys and necessary things in the shelter!

12: 00-13.30 Honey plants in the city - workshops
Rój Ząbkowska 3

Workshops for the youngest stories about plants suitable for pollinators and preparation of seed bombs of honey plants.

14: 00-15.30 Threats to bees - lecture
Rój Ząbkowska 3

Live debate.

17: 00-18: 30 Drum workshop with the Study of Ethnic Instruments
Ząbkowska street

Workshops for all willing will be led by Piotr Stefański from the Study of Ethnic Instruments.

18.00-19: 30 Cherries - concert
Prague Museum, courtyard, ul. Targowa 50 / 52

The music is directed primarily to the youngest audience, but because the sounds do not know the limits, the concert is also recommended to experienced listeners.

"Cherries" sing about issues important for children and adults - nature, professions, fruits and vegetables. Also important environmental problems are invariably addressed. Among the songs there is no shortage of songs for various occasions, for example for Mom, Dad and Mr. Strażak.

The band performs in a four-member band, playing different instruments (mandola, banjo, ukulele, percussion instruments, bass guitar, tuba, etc.). In 2017, the debut album "Ale falawa!" Was released.

"Our goal is to enrich the music scene for the youngest audience. Remember! Music is not only a way to relax and have fun, but above all an element that stimulates the development of every person, especially the youngest - his sensitivity, creativity and ability. "

Team composition:
Andrzej Zagajewski - mandola, banjo, ukulele, singing
Wojciech Wędzicha - keyboards, singing, rattles, clarinet
Jakub Lewicki - bass guitar, tuba, vocal
Maciej Lewicki - percussion instruments

19: 00-20: 00 Ska Dictator - concert
Ząbkowska Grolshownia, ul. Ząbkowska 9 a

The Skadictor is "The Only Dictator They Love Everyone."

His Highness SKADYKTATOR - he played in the Czech Republic, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, Portugal, and Venezuela, and is constantly gaining new territories for the finest SKA rhythm. The scadcopter proclaims a unifying and dangerous, password opening the third eye SKA! and expanding awareness.
The performances of the Skradiver and his Cosmic Combo exceed the illusion and reach the source of infinity!

After the concert of the Skradiver, you will be a different man!
This is the beginning of the New Wonderful World SKA!
The Cadets and His Cosmic Combo! SKA SKA SKA!

Team composition:
- Skadyktator - vocal, trumpet
- Deny Grzeszyk - saxophone
- Piotr Trela ​​- guitar
- Krzysztof Niemkiewicz - bass
- Bartek Szemis - drums

20: 00-21: 30 Żywiołak - concert
Prague Museum, courtyard, ul. Targowa 50 / 52

You do not need to present this team in Poland today. Since the year 2005 has been consistently working, showing the world a new, absolutely fresh look at the legacy of Slavic folk music. It is thanks to these five enthusiasts that we learned about the "Polish neofolk".

The current team composition:
Robert Jaworski - hurdy gurdy, renaissance fidelity
Michał Stawarz - drums
Kamil Strzyżewski - romantic lute, acoustic bass
Wiktoria Kwiatkowska - vocals, disturbances
Zuza Ciszewska - vocal

20: 30-21.30 Girl from the band - concert
Ząbkowska Grolshownia, ul. Ząbkowska 9 a

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