Offline in the City, the latest project by Dawid Zaleski

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Offline in the City, is the latest project by Dawid Zaleski. As part of this venture, a car was created for meditation and so-called Power Naps, or short naps, which improve mood and concentration. Together with architects from PL Studio and CTR + N, Agnieszka Łańko and Patryk Żurawski, he designed a small interior of the Suzuki Super Carry.

For those interested in leisure, there will be a bed inside, clean sheets and a pleasant, effectively darkened and dampened wooden interior. The car can also be used for extra-urban trips.

The premiere of the project will take place during the Gdynia Design Days Festival, 6 in July. The event will last for nine days, and one of them will allow you to test the utility of the car, going inside for a nap or meditation sessions.

The project was implemented thanks to the support of Barlinek and Jysk.

Dawid Zalesky about the project:

I have 35 for years. I grew up in the village of Kieźliny in Warmia, now I live in Warsaw. Sometimes I miss my childhood when I was able to concentrate, fully reflect the reality in which I was. Today I live in a big city and my contact with nature is very disturbed. It's hard for me to sometimes understand what I want. I have always been interested in the phenomenon of meditation or Mindfulness, especially in the context of overwhelming stress and social obligations. During my travels in Japan, I experienced the phenomenon of Inemuri - public napping in public spaces: metro, bus, shopping center. That's why I decided to create a driving house. I want to enable residents of big cities to experience power nap, inemuri and mindfulness.



source: press materials

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