The new 100 tourist line

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The new 100 tourist line.

On the 23-24 weekend, for the first time, the buses of the new 100 line will be on the route. This is another, land complement to the offer of Warsaw Tourist Lines because in the capital you can already find antique trams running under the T line.

Coaches100 linethey will be traveling around Warsaw from 23 June to 2 September on Saturdays, Sundays and 15 August. The start of the route will be at Centrum 04 stop (the first departure at 12.00, the last at 18.00) every 45 minutes. The route has been prepared so that the 100 line could reach many interesting and attractive tourist places in the capital, including: the Old Town, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, the Copernicus Science Center, the PGE National Stadium, the Royal Łazienki Park and the Zoological Garden. Here is the whole route.

CENTER -Marszałkowska - Królewska - Grzybowska - Towarowa - Okopowa - Anielewicza - Andersa - Muranowska - Konwiktorska - Sanguszki - Gdańsk Coast - Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge - al. Solidarności - Targowa - al. Zieleniecka - J. Waszyngtona roundabout - al. Poniatowskiego - Wybrzeże Szczecińskie - Świętokrzyski bridge - Zajęcza - Topiel - Herbert - Rozbrat - Łazienkowska - Czerniakowska - Szwoleżerów - Myśliwiecka - Górnośląska - Piękna - Aleje Ujazdowskie - pl. Trzech Krzyży - Nowy Świat - Aleje Jerozolimskie - Marszałkowska- CENTER

This is another extension of the land offer of Warsaw Tourist Lines. In May, antique vehicles left the trackstrams of the T line, which will operate on the fixed route from 23 June:

EN. Narutowicz- Grójecka - pl. A. Zawiszy - Aleje Jerozolimskie - Poniatowski bridge - J. Waszyngton roundabout - al. Zieleniecka - Targowa - al. Solidarności - Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge - al. Solidarności - pl. Bankowy - Marszałkowska - pl. Zbawiciela - Nowowiejska - Filtrowa -EN. Narutowicz.


The 100 line buses and T-class carriages accept all types of tickets of the Public Transport Authority. On single-use change-over tickets (75- and 90-minute) and time tickets (20-minute), conductors from the City Transport Lovers Club in Warsaw will stamp with the annotation of the date and time of the start of the journey. The journey on the basis of a valid season ticket (daily, 3-day, weekend, 30-, 90-day) is possible after its earlier cancellation (activation of the card) in another public transport vehicle or in the metro gates. In addition, in every third course of the T-line, the trip will be made easier by the stories of the Warsaw guide.

The Warsaw Tourist Lines are of course also vessels on the Vistula - ferries of "Pliszka", "Słonka" "Wilga", "Turkawka" and the ship "Zefir" sailing to Serock. From 2009, when more than one million people took advantage of the trips for the first time on the river. A year ago, 168 995 passengers entered their decks, of which 147 488 took advantage of the ferries.

This year, the turnout is also good. From the beginning of the season, 59 464 has benefited from WLT cruises. 2511 took passengers on a trip to Serock, and 56953 boarded the ferries.

You can read the details of the WLT offer on the

Fig. L. Peczyński

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