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The best donuts in Warsaw
Top 5 places with the best buds in the capital.

Confectionery Władysław Zagoździński 

Fig. Pracownia Cukiernicza "Zagoździński"

A place open from 90 for years in Wola. Donuts baked every day are characterized by a crispy crust, fluffy pastry and a delicate fruit flavor. The confectionery only baked donuts and is open daily to the last donut.
Pracownia Cukiernicza Zagoździński, ul. Górczewska 15


Confectionery founded in the 1946 year in Praga by Jan Dynowski, chocolate master in the Wedel factory. The confectionery focuses on quality and all products in its composition contain butter and not margarine. There are eight patisseries in Warsaw.
Lukullus, ul. Mokotowska 52

Cieślikowski Confectionery

For. Cieślikowski Confectionery

Confectionery with Warsaw traditions. Very tasty donuts.
In Warsaw, the confectionery has several premises.
Cukiernia Cieślikowski Rondo ONZ, Al. John Paul II 18

Confectionery A. Blikle

Confectionery founded 11 September 1869 year on street Nowy Świat 31.
Donuts with rose jam and icing is the most recognized confectionery product, but A.Blikle has also introduced donuts with orange filling while going with the timeswith the addition of ginger and icing glaze as welldonuts with cherry filling and chilli and a champagne glaze.
A. Blikle, ul. New World 35

Pawłowicz - Hot donuts from the window

Delicious donuts and you should eat them as they are still hot. A large selection of flavors.
Pawłowicz - Hot donuts ul. Chmielna 13

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