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The most interesting restaurants serving Polish cuisine in Warsaw

Poland rozana
Poland Różana ul.Chocimska 7

1. *** Poland Różana, ul. Chocimska 7
Różana is an elegant, warm and casual place where delicate and light Polish cuisine surprises with new specialties every day.
A unique mood is created here by fresh flowers, tables covered with embroidered tablecloths, soft light and dyessecret music flowing from the piano.
The restaurant is famous for its own production, dumplings, dumplings, dumplings and pastas are prepared every day.
The uniqueness of this place is completed by a magical garden. You can hear birds singing, the sound of water from the fountain and the sounds of the guitar. After sunset, this unique atmosphere complements the view of burning candles and torches.

Price for two people 200 PLN

2. *** Polish House, ul. French 11
The restaurant is famous for its delicious and refined cuisine, which is typically Polish, but already lightly skimmed: lots of fish, venison and poultry.
The atmosphere here, perfect style and elegance will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Price for two people 200 PLN

3.*** But Gloria, Trzech Krzyży Square 3
"AleGloria" it's more than a restaurant. This is an invitation to meet Polish art and Polish cuisine - this intricate, intelligent, drawing from tradition, and at the same time served in a contemporary arrangement."AleGloria" it is such an embassy of Polish art in a modern version. Art that harmonizes with the world can exist in modern Europe. "

Price for two people 200 PLN

4. *** Old Kamienica, street 8 view
A place that combined people with passion so that everyone in it could associate with the exquisite Polish cuisine combining tradition with the latest trends.

150 PLN for two people, 40 PLN for lunch menu for two

5. *** Kafe Zielony Niedźwiedź, ul.Smolna 4
Kafe Zielony Niedźwiedź is the simplest and richest contemporary Polish cuisine. The simplest, because here the culinary technique is entirely subordinated to seasonal flavors and showing the quality of products. Meats come exclusively from the breeders known to us.

180 PLN for two people, 60 PLN for lunch menu for two

6. ** Mała Polana Smaków, ul.Belwederska 13
A simple, short card. Cream from Jaska, a jar of zurek, cabbage rolls in sauerkraut, salmon sausage are just some of the items on the card, but really the hits of this place.

Price for two people 90 PLN

7. * Jar, Golden 11
The jar is a restaurant inspired by traditional Polish flavors in a modern version. The name refers to home cooking, home-made preserves and to all products that can be put away to the wkuów. Most of the dishes are served in jars. You will find here a wide selection of cold and hot snacks, traditional dumplings, soups and main dishes and salads.

100 PLN for two people, 40 PLN for lunch menu for two

8. ** Oberża pod Czerwonym Wieprzem, ul. Iron 68
The menu of Czerwony Wieprz Restaurant is dominated by traditional Polish cuisine, but seekers of good taste will also find here the culinary hits of countries that are no longer on the world map, such as the USSR, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

Price for two people 140 PLN

9. ** Głodomory, ul.Gagarina 26
Polish flavors, Polish cuisine, Polish atmosphere.
80 PLN for two people, 40 PLN for lunch menu for two

10. * Bambinio Bar, ul. Krucza 21
Traditional milk bar. A large selection of soups, meat dishes, pierogi and pancakes.
In the 12.00 - 15.00 hours you have to stand in line to the cash register, but it's worth it.
Price for two people 40 PLN


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