Where to drink in Warsaw 2018

Fig. Kita Koguta
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Where to drink in Warsaw 2018.

Below is a list of places that are worth visiting during a visit to Warsaw

Kita Koguta

Kita Koguta is a two-tiered cocktail bar, whose originators and creators are recognized and titled bartenders - Jakub Kozłowski and Adam Grądziel.

Address: ul. Krucza 6 / 14

Coctail Bar Max

Coctail Bar Max is a place created not only by enthusiasts but also people who have an invaluable knowledge of alcohol commodity, alcohol history and the stages of its formation.

Fig. Coctail Bar Max
Fig. Coctail Bar Max

Address: ul. Krucza 16 / 22 and Nowy Świat 32

El Koktel

"An unusual bar project, which puts the guests at the most important point, who are pampered with flavors and atmosphere. "A bar that wants to become a second home for all guests. Just come to love this place. "

Fig. El Koktel
Address: ul. Wojciech Górski 9

Central Bar Baskets

"Centralny Koszyki Bar is a unique place in the heart of Hala Koszyki. Its climate, atmosphere and decor are alive taken from the 20 and 30 years of the last century. The specialty is home wines and a drink "Baskets" - a great cocktail, whose recipe the owners keep secret. "

Address: Hala Koszyki, ul. Basket 63


The best Long Island in the city, available in over 10 flavors and in 3 sizes and over 20 flavors kamikaze ... melon, lychee, watermelon, green apple, pear, orange, mandarin.

Fig. Rozbiegówka
ul. Nowy Świat 22 / 28 place 29

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