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Cheap sightseeing of Warsaw

8 ways to cheap sightseeing of Warsaw

1. Buy a ZTM ticket

If you stay in Warsaw over the weekend, buy weekend ticket,
entitling to an unlimited number of journeys from 19: 00 on Friday until 8: 00 on Monday.
Price 24 PLN normal or 12 reduced price.

If you are staying one day, buy a daily ticket entitling you to an unlimited number of trips within 24 hours from the time you cancel your ticket.
Price 15 PLN normal or 7,50 reduced price.
Ztm website here

2. Veturilo bike

Rent a bike from the Veturilo station. Using a bicycle is very easy.
You must log in, pay 10 PLN and you can use the bike.
The first hour costs 1 PLN.
Veturilo website here

3. Listen to Chopin's music

From May to the end of September, every Sunday you can listen to free concerts of Fryderyk Chopin at the monument in the Royal Łazienki Park.
Sunday 12: 00 and 16: 00
Concert program here

4. Museums for free

Every day is the opportunity to visit one of Warsaw's museums for free.
List of museums with free admission here

5. Milk bars

Be sure to visit one of the milk bars located in the very center of Warsaw. They serve very tasty and cheap dinners.
My advice: join the Bambino bar and / or the Family bar.
List of milk bars here

6. Dinner offer

Take advantage of the dinner offer of many restaurants in the city center.
During the week in the 12 hours: 00 - 16: 00 two-course dinner you will eat for 20 PLN.
You can find a list of restaurants here

7. Go on a walk

In Warsaw, you can go on a free guided walk every day.
List of organizers here

8. Cheap Cinema

Cheap film screenings in Warsaw from 11 PLN
List of cinemas here

In addition, during the summer it is worth going to the gardens located:
* on the roof of the University Library
* on the roof of the Copernicus Science Center
Link to the viewing terraces here

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