In the open air

Summer Cinema Avanti & LOGO at EMPARK

June 18 2018 0

Summer Cinema Avanti & LOGO. On Wednesday, XUMUM June, EMPARK will host the Summer Cinema Avanti & LOGO. Summer has arrived in the city for good and free time is worth it [...]

2018 season in the Multimedia Fountain Park

April 25 2018 0

2018 season in the Multimedia Fountain Park. The Warsaw picnic will begin with the inauguration of the new show at the Multimedia Fountain Park. "Prince Niedźwiedź" - this is the title of the legend, which in [...]

Film Capital of the Summer of 2018

April 4 2018 0

Film Capital of the Summer of 2018. 26 June 2018 will be the inauguration of the Film Capital of Summer 2018 - 10 weeks of Warsaw outdoor cinemas - 28 locations in Warsaw [...]


Dancers at the 2018 Fountain

June 28 2018 0

Dancers at the 2018 Fountain. The beginning of holidays in the Multimedia Fountain Park promises to be very dance-like. Stołeczna Estrada has been inviting Varsovians to dance for several years. IN [...]

Chopin Evenings on Okólnik 2018

June 12 2018 0

Chopin Evenings on Okólnik 2018. On Tuesday, 3 on July 2018 will be the inauguration of the 4 series. Chopin Evenings on Okólnik - Polish Music "In the circle of Fryderyk [...]

News from the city

Roses on the 100 anniversary of independence

July 21 2018 0

Roses on the 100 anniversary of independence. On the occasion of the 100 anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria gave the Royal Łazienki a hundred Damascus roses. The flowers decorate the Modernist Garden, where [...]

Warsaw beach - beach equipment rental

July 21 2018 0

Warsaw beach - beach equipment rental. Beach holidays can be found on six beaches: Białołęka, Poniatówka, Romantyczna, Rusałka, Saska and Żoliborz. Each beach has facilities [...]

Waste exchange points at the Wisła 2018

July 16 2018 0

Waste exchange points at the Wisła 2018. On the boulevard of General Patton (left bank of the river) and at the Beach Bar Aquatica on the Hel Peninsula in 1 / 5, there are already waste exchange points. [...]

Handy on the streets of Warsaw

July 14 2018 0

Handy on the streets of Warsaw ... trailer of the end ... and beginning. The final of the second season of a hand-held tale. The second season of the loudest 2018 series is coming to an end. today [...]

New Warsaw West with a hub

July 10 2018 0

New Warsaw West with a hub. The new, rebuilt Western Warsaw will be a functional, barrier-free communication infrastructure. Passengers of trains, trams and buses will gain comfortable travel. [...]

Works on ul. Honey are moving

July 7 2018 0

Works on ul. Honey. The Warsaw road builders leave the renovated pl. Krasińskich and enter the next stage of works on ul. Honey. On the night of Sunday to Monday, [...]




August Concert Love at Krasińskich Square

July 21 2018 0

August Concert Love at Krasinski Square XUMUM July July 31, on the eve of 2018. anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, we invite you to a concert commemorating the Heroes. Let's meet at [...]

Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet in Sack Bone

July 20 2018 0

Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet in Sack Bone. Wojtek Mazolewski will perform this year with the guests on the large stage of the PolAndRock Festival (formerly Przystanek Woodstock). Introduction to [...]

SKAdyktator at Otwarta Ząbkowska

July 13 2018 0

SKAdyktator at Otwarta Ząbkowska. The Skadictor is "The Only Dictator They Love Everyone." His Highness SKADYKTATOR - he played in the Czech Republic, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, Portugal, Venezuela [...]

FOGG - Song of Warsaw

July 12 2018 0

FOGG - Song of Warsaw. 27 July 2018 year in Wolności Park will be held concert and the premiere of the album "FOGG - Song of Warsaw". A disc with Mieczysław's works [...]

Il Volo again in Poland

July 12 2018 0

Il Volo again in Poland. about the excellent last year concert in Warsaw, Il Volo will return to Poland. In just a few months, the young Italians again fall in love with [...]

The JIMEK + festival

July 6 2018 0

The JIMEK + JIMEK + festival is the first edition of the two-day festival, during which we will present a wide range of compositions and arrangements of Jimek with his orchestra and under his baton. Festival [...]


Blueberries help to prevent cancer

July 1 2018 0

"Blueberries are the richest source of antioxidants among all fruits and vegetables. They help to prevent cancer, cardiovascular system, regenerate the brain and the nervous system, and help to maintain [...]

Several million eggs contaminated with an antibiotic

June 16 2018 0

Several million eggs contaminated with an antibiotic. The Chief Veterinary Officer informed that the local authorities of the Veterinary Inspection issued an administrative decision ordering the withdrawal from the market of batches of consumer eggs found in [...]

Vegetarian lard

December 30 2017 0

Vegetarian lard Ingredients: 2 glasses of cooked white beans (I peel the beans, but this is not necessary) 2 onions 7 California plums 2 leaves [...]